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Bicycling is one of the oldest means of transport. Since ages people like to commute through this mode. The number of bicyclists in every city of India is found to be in a considerable amount. But due to the rapid increase in the motorized traffic, increased trip distances, sprawl of the city limits & increase in per capita disposable income, the number of people bicycling in cities have decreased considerably. Adding to that, safety issues of the bicyclists due to lacking bicycle infrastructure in the city has become a major concern. People ride bicycles because they cannot afford to switch to other modes of transport. Hence, bicycling is carrying a "poor man's vehicle" image along with it. Thus bicycling is not only constantly struggling with the safety issues but also a major social issue on its image in the rapidly growing India. These factors are majorly accounting to discourage people to bicycle.

The concept of "Public Bicycle Scheme (PBS) was invented by few wise men in Amsterdam as "White Bikes" to fight with the dogmas related to the bicycling and increased motorized vehicle traffic on the streets. The scheme was launched so that people can use bicycles as and when required, by making the stock of bicycles available to people as close as to the places they work, live or go for recreation. This gave birth to the Public Bicycle Schemes. In this scheme you can get registered, pick a bicycle from a station near you, paddle to reach your destination & park your bicycle to the bicycle station near your destination.

Public Bicycle Scheme acts as a transport mode itself if used to make long distance trips but on the other hand it also acts as an access for the public transport. Hence, PBS acts as a feeder Service/first/last mile connectivity when used by people to commute to other public transport system like Metro, LRT or BRTS or as last mile connectivity when people use it to go back to their destinations after using the other modes of Public Transport. If we look at the emissions from this transport sector, it is cleanest and greenest mode of transport.

The registration and login process into the scheme is also automated. The dues and accounts of the users are refilled through the smart cards of the users so that the managing team of the scheme have a track of the users using their scheme and also the transaction is made through a secured gateway.

The commuter can now download “LetusCycle” APP & register / pre-book bicycle.

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Timings and Holidays list

Summer Timings
Monday – Saturday
8am – 8pm
9am – 4pm
Winter Timings
Monday – Saturday
8am – 7pm
9am – 4pm

1. No cycle shall be issued one hour prior to closing time.

2. Cycle shelters will be closed on Gazetted Holidays.


Let us Cycle!

Let us cycle is an initiative by Greenolution to bring Public Bicycle Sharing Scheme (PBS) on the door steps of cycle enthusiasts for last mile connectivity.

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Client's Speaks

  • The service is very nice. It will help in reducing pollution and keeping us healthy. It is a great initiative from Delhi Metro. Providing Bicycle is good thought by DMRC.

  • The Metro Cycle service really helps people and especially students to avail to economic means of transport. Moreover for those of us who live to remain fit, it is really a great exercise too.

  • In our busy schedule, we can't able to look after our health but DMRC (Greenolution) has taken a good initiative. Its eco-friendly too and help college students in covering their long distance in a shot spam of time.

  • Greenolution is a good attempt. It provides a good means of transport to travel within the Delhi University Campus. It is also within the budget of the students. It is in enormous number so that everyone can get it.